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      南野野金屬材料( 蘇州) 有限公司成立于2003 年3 月26 日,注冊資本金:500 萬美元 ,占地面積12,260 平方米,廠房面積8,000 平方米。從業人員120 余名,工程技術人員10 余人。公司現有“模具研發制造”、“鑄造”、“機械加工” 三大部門,能為客戶提供從圖紙到機加工零件的生產能力,為短納期提供保障。

              我們擁有高品質鑄件核心技術及經驗,能參與到客戶零件的初期開發中,為客戶提供專業的鑄造工藝分析等建議及支持,結合3D 掃描尺寸快速分析,配套世界一流鑄件生產流水線、高精度立加、臥加、高精度三坐標等設備,助力客戶快速開發新產品,共創雙贏!

              我們現有產品覆蓋工程機械、軌道交通、農業機械、機器人及一般工業零件等多個行業,并專注于小批量多品種的精益生產,執行日本JIS 工業標準,竭誠為客戶提供最優質的液壓核心鑄件及加工產品,目前產品種類多達五百余種。鑄件年生產能力達到14,160 噸。

              我們秉承“齊心協力,打造一流企業;共同奮斗,創造美好未來” 的精神,重視人才培養,全面推行現代化管理制度,為實現企業管理的制度化、數字化、科學化不斷努力,確保企業持續、健康、高速發展的同時,與全體員工共同成長、為客戶、為社會創造價值。

      NANNO Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was established on March 26, 2003 with a registered capital of 5 million US dollars, covers an area of 12,260 square meters, and has a plant area of 8,000 square meters. More than 120 employees, more than 10 engineering and technical personnel. The company has three major departments: “Mold R&D and Manufacturing”, “Foundry” and “Machining”. We can provide customers with the production capacity from drawings to machined parts, and provide guarantee for short-term period.

      We have high-quality casting core technology and experience, can participate in the initial development of customer parts, provide customers with professional casting process analysis and other suggestions and support, combined with 3D scanning dimension rapid analysis, supporting world-class casting production line, high-precision Vertical and Horizontal Machining,  CMM and other equipment to help customers quickly develop new products and create a win-win situation!

      Our existing products cover many industries such as heavy industry machinery, rail transit, agricultural machinery, industry robots and general industrial parts, and focus on lean production of small batches and varieties, implement Japanese JIS industry standards, and provide customers with the highest quality hydraulic core parts. There are more than 500 kinds of castings and processed products. The annual production capacity of castings reaches 14,160 tons. 

      We adhere to the spirit of "Working together, building a first-class enterprise; working together to create a better future", attach importance to personnel training, comprehensively implement a modern management system, and continuously strive to achieve institutionalized, digital, and scientific management of corporate management to ensure sustainable and healthy business. At the same time of rapid development, we will grow together with all employees to create value for our customers and society.


      High quality casting production technology and experience


      World-class casting production line


      Continuous improvement, the pursuit of continuous customer satisfaction






      NANNO Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 

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